Education Sector

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Education Support Program Pakistan

PEI with support of its international partner TOMS Shoes and Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa started as revolutionary program to increase the enrollment and retention by providing incentive to the poor and marginalized students of the government schools. PEI will be providing quality internationally branded shoes TOMS to 800,000 poor and needy students of primary and secondary schools in seven districts of the province. PEI tends to integrate ESP in other PEI and Elementary & Secondary Education Department programs for more comprehensive and beneficial support to education sector, poor and needy people of the region. PEI in near future linking this education program to hygiene promotion program, where PEI will work not only to improve the personal hygienic conditions of the students but also the general school hygienic conditions.  So far PEI provided brand new imported shoes to the 49,435 poor students of 188 government schools of the province.  It has very positive effect on the enrollment and retention of the students.