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Education Support Program (ESP)

With support of International partner TOMS Shoes and collaboration of Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 2012 PEI launched an ambitious program to improve enrolment in schools, especially primary schools. The idea is to provide new pair of shoes to every new student enrolled in addition to providing them with warm jackets and clothes if they continue to stay enrolled in the school through the year. The benefit is extended to the families of these students for every year they continue to stay enrolled.

Under the program 114,656 poor students of 387 primary and secondary government schools of the province have benefited at a cost of US$1.405 million. The activity is part of a program to increase enrollment and retention rates at primary level in public schools by the provision of incentive to poor and marginalized students of the government schools.  It has very positive effect on the enrollment and retention of the students. The expected inputs will benefit 1,200,000 poor government school students, and enrolments are showing an encouraging improvement.