FATA Multi Sector Intervention

FATA Multi Sectoral Intervention

Main Outputs: In collaboration with Health Department Government of FATA, PEI carried out the Health Strengthening Program to improve the condition of health facilities through the province. The Health System Support Program is being run with the objective of ‘Betterment of health service delivery at grass root level, easy access made affordable with improved medical service standards for the poor through ensuring health facilities are functioning efficiently in collaboration with government and other partners by strengthening the capacity of these health facilities through identification and bridging the existing gaps’. Under the program needs assessment of 50 health facilities was carried out throughout the province, out of these 14 were selected for implementation of the HSSP. Details needs assessment was carried out in terms of infrastructure requirement, equipment and supplies, capacity of staff and administrative capabilities. PEI provided support to improve health service delivery in 14 of these health facilities spread in 5 agencies of the FATA.

Health Services Providers Capacity Building Trainings
7 different trainings have been conducted for Health Services Providers in three provinces on rational use of provided medical and surgical supplies.  These trainings also include other topics like 1. Health hygiene improved by provision of hygiene kits and training Prevention of infectious diseases 2. MNCH training, CDD (Control of Diarrheal Diseases) 3. CDC (Communicable Disease Control) 4. Storing and record keeping etc. These trainings enable Doctors and paramedics to refresh their knowledge and enhance their capacities.

Details of Health Facilities supported

1.        Agency Headquarter Hospital Bajour

2.        Agency Headquarter Hosp Wana

3.        Parachinar Agency HeadQuarter Hosp

4.        Agency Headquarter Hosp Miranshah

5.        Agency Headquarter Hospital Kurram

6.        Agency Headquarter Hospital Mohmand

7.        Agency Headquarter Hospital Waziristan