Micro Health Franchise Model

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Micro Health Franchise Model (Umeed Say)

In 2013 we started a Micro Health Franchises System; that blended in the financial (sustainable model), technical (m-health) and business innovation (social enterprise model) and aimed at ensuring standardized; cost effective healthcare services to mother and newborn. Our idea was selected by saving lives at birth and given a seed grant in 2011 round.  For initial years we have been busy structuring the Micro Health Franchise System and have established seven birthing stations (Franchisee) that are currently providing services to sub-urban communities near Peshawar District. A female skilled attendant working in their local communities is an ideal and proven system for communities where socio-cultural norms are that husbands/families do not allow them to visit practitioners independently and in many cases husbands feel shy to accompany their wives while antenatal visits. While the idea of lady health visitors and lady health workers working in communities is ideal solution; it does require a proper environment to function well and reach desirable results. This include the availability of expert advice, referral mechanism, availability of medicines and clean delivery kit, emergency transport, capacity building/ continued learning for trained attendants and hygienic birthing stations (sanitized) where deliveries can take place.