Donation of GIK to LRH Peshawar

Poverty Eradication Initiative (PEI) handed over Sodium, Sterile Water Irrigation, Povidine Iodine 2-3/4 and 4 FLOZ, povidine Iodine Swabstick, Prefilled Nebulizer Kit, Sorbitol Manmnitol Irrigation, glycine irrigation 3l, Sodium Chloride Inj. Usp1000ml, Dextrose (D5W) 750 ml, Povindine  Iodine Pad, Potassium Chloride oral Sol, Lactated Ringers,  Antiseptic Sol. For Skin, Sodium Chloride Irr. Hetastarch in Sod, Dextrose, Sterile Water (Humidifer Preifilled 500 ml, Chlorhexidine Gluconat, Plasmalyte PH 7.4 Inj and Antiseptic Cleanser of  large quantity of worth Rs.150,000/- to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar dated 24/12/2011 to assist vulnerable people

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