HAMC Training 1 Swabi (29)

Community Development & Social Mobilization training at District DIKhan

The objectives of the training were to deliver the knowledge about community & social mobilization and community development to the HAMC members. The HAMC members were also to facilitate on meeting registers and other materials of the committee.

Courses/subjects covered during the training:

• Community
• Community development (Social & Economic)
• Community action
• Social mobilization
• Core areas for community development
• Role of HAMC members
• Skills needed for HAMC members
• HAMC Register orientation

Major achievement:

• HAMC members understood the process of HAMC committee working
• 43 UC situation analyses forms filled by the HAMC presidents
• HAMC members understood the importance of social mobilization in community development
• HAMCs member agreed on contacts with other agencies for their own development
• Community will be prepared for participation in Committee’s activities

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