Good Governance

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Good Governance and Capacity Building

PEI is promoting good governance through involvement of all in the decision making process and to take initiatives to reduce poverty through helping communities gaining access to education, primary health care, water and sanitation; and promoting social institutions and the social capital of vulnerable groups. Good Governance is one of the pillars of poverty reduction strategy of PEI. Good governance facilitates pro-poor sector reforms and state and local government policies, as well as sound macroeconomic management. It ensures the transparent use of public funds, strengthens anti-corruption, encourages growth of the private sector and corporate governance, promotes effective delivery of public services, and helps to establish the rule of law.

PEI conducted a training program for the Nazims, Naib Nazims and councilors to develop their understanding about the local government system. This was to strengthen the capacities of the elected representatives of the local government systems. For that purpose, creating awareness, organizational management, leadership and project cycle management training was given.