Infrastructure Development

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PEI is playing the role at its part by supporting initiatives for socio-economic uplift of the communities through participatory development approaches, inclusion of all sections of the society in the development process. PEI promotes people-centered approach to poverty eradication advocating the empowerment of people living in poverty through their full participation in all aspects of political, economic and social life, especially in the design and implementation of policies that affect the poorest and most vulnerable groups of society. An integrated strategy towards poverty eradication necessitates implementing policies geared to more equitable distribution of wealth and income and social protection coverage. It is engaged in advocacy, campaigning, community awareness, mass mobilization, participatory community development, participatory research, and networking on the local, national as well as global issues negatively affecting the lives and the livelihoods of the poor communities.

PEI is working with the local communities to build their capacities in properly managing their natural livelihood resources. Under this program the local communities are organized and their skills are developed in natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods including introducing modern and appropriate technologies, strengthening indigenous environment- friendly technologies and practices as well as building the capacities of the local communities in alternative livelihoods.

PEI seeks to involve the local communities in the development of local level infrastructure important for the socio economic uplift of the communities. The communities are encouraged to prepare local level infrastructure development projects and plans with the technical support of PEI team. The communities collect local level contribution for the certain community share of project cost as to ensure their ownership in the project; the remaining cost is made available through grants from the donors or local governments.