IRAN Abad Lane Development

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Location: NWFP, Pakistan

PEI will be responsible and accountable for the overall management and implementation of project and will ensure that all project activities are in compliance with the legal and environmental regulations of the host country.

Within the previous HOPE/CIDA funded project – Mardan Community Sanitation Project (MCSP) – extra funds were available to the project as a result of budget savings. As such, the project was able to include the paving approximately half of the 10 street lanes. Community Based Organizations from the remaining unpaved lanes, despite initially hesitant about the development, are now keen to have their lanes paved after seen the benefits of a clean and durable surface. These CBO’s have approached project staff with a proposal to have the lanes paved, where local residents cover 20% of the cost (in-kind contribution).

The project was completed in 6 months.