The Agriculture sector in Pakistan has been playing a pivotal role in stabilizing and strengthening economy of the country since its birth with some variations due to abnormal climatic conditions or other socio-political reasons.

The problems being faced are at every stage of the value chain, during pre-harvest (insufficient finances to ensure usage of quality agricultural inputs), post harvest (in terms of proper packaging, caring for the crops through modern methods and thus ensuring food security, little or no market linkages, too much dependence on middle man which in turn reduces the profitability of the farmers and allows the middle man to exploit the farmers).

A PEI initiative is to promote trade for regenerating economic activity and providing sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities’ to the people involved in agriculture. We believe that we can make a difference our approach is to systematically link the partners, focusing on survival and profitability, providing ways for institutional involvement, building organized sector environment, increasing buyer confidence etc.

The goal of the PEI is to provide assistance to farmers so that they can revive / resume productive agricultural activities. PEI Business Support Activities (BSA) includes following:

  • Assisting in implementation of various economic growth program;
  • Capacity building and mentoring of businesses; and
  • Provide backstopping and mentoring to businesses in rehabilitation.

PEI’s role in Agriculture


PEI is currently working with 4,000 different crop farmers in district Swat out which 1,100 farmers are member of association. PEI has formed 110 groups each group have 10 member farmers who are looking at collective agriculture activities.


PEI’s role in Horticulture

The main objective of this initiative is to support the horticulture sector through business development activities which includes training/research, mentoring and networking/linkages for selling the fruit in local and/or international markets.  PEI is working in the area of Charbagh, Kabal, Matta, Khwazakhaila, Thana and Barikot with approximately 600 peach and 400 persimmon farmers.

PEI’s role in Aquaculture


A fishery is one of the main economic sector in district Swat. The main objective of this initiative is to develop capacity of trout and carp fish farmers and increase their existing production capacity. PEI is currently working with approximately 40 fish farmers.