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There are 138,000 pregnant women who are about to give birth within one month. So both the mother and new born babies will require proper nutrition support. The basic challenge is to ensure that the nutritional and health needs of the target class (children under 5, pregnant & lactating women) are met in the undeserved regions of the flood affected areas.

Keeping in view the huge gap prevailing in the nutrition and health coverage, PEI has opted to launch a massive coverage program in the underserved areas including Tank, D.I. Khan, Rajanpur, Laki Marwat, Dadu & Jacobabad. PEIs goal is improvement in the health and nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under five years of age; to assure adequate growth by strengthening services and increasing community involvement in health and nutrition education activities.

Flood Relief and Medical Camp at Akora Khattak
Flood Relief and Medical Camp at Akora Khattak

PEI has done a rapid assessment in these districts and the results are being analyzed at the moment.