Vision of PEI Youth Societies                     KP Youth Assembly

PEI has undertaken many projects to involve our youth in healthy initiatives, where they are given

Shahid Yusaf - CEO PEI Addressing Youth

Shahid Yusaf – CEO PEI Addressing Youth

an opportunity to learn, hence their capacity is built. PEI seeks to involve the local communities in the development of local level infrastructure important for the socio-economic uplift of the communities.This concept note portrays a visionary goal of PEI that is targeted towards the reformation of the educational institutions in Pakistan by strengthening the extra-curricular activities undertaken at these institutions.

The idea is to shape, facilitate and strengthen the capacity of the multifarious societies involved in extra-curricular activities in educational institutions and give them opportunities of virtual exposure and networking, so that these societies can exchange knowledge, skills and experiences and contribute to the advancement of these institutions and ultimately result in a thriving Pakistan.

Scope of PEI Youth Societies

The project shall be implemented in the settled and federally administered tribal areas (FATA), KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan, Pakistan. The project implementation strategy shall be devised carefully considering the cultural sensitivity and security issues. However a major thrust would be on dialogue through seminars, workshops, focus group discussion, informal gathering, exposure to positive ideas, encouraging them to carry out research and social media.

Sports Galla Award Ceremony

This Peace Dialogue will facilitate an open and frank exchange of views for the youth society. It will provide a forum to discuss issues that are under-addressed or cannot be resolved at the country-level.

An Organizational structure for bottom up and top down communication and administration of PEI Youth Societies shall be formulated after careful situation analysis.


The main objective of the proposed activity will be to; contribute towards bringing the violent temperature down in KPK and tribal regions of Pakistan. The activity will be aimed at:

  • Providing a platform for the Youth to express their point of views, grievances openly without any hesitation and apprehension and then helping them refocus their energies to doing something positive for themselves and their communities.
  • Initiate a dialogue between the local youth and the western world by using social networking sites and by connecting Youth from this region with Youth from the West; especially from USA.
  • Engaging local religious leaders in dialogue process with youth so that they can educate masses about the peaceful social norms of Islam.
  • Organizing social, cultural, educational and sporting events so that Youth can be engaged in healthy and productive activities.
  • Mobilize local Youth for development of their area and carrying out activities such as Risk assessment of area, coordinate for disaster management and mainstreaming activities, Coordinate civil defence services in the area. Provide first aid to affected people in the area or other such activities.

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